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    By: admin    Date: 2018-10-18


    Project difficulty:

    1. The first phase is an old building renovation. As the main building being 

    used of the hospital, it is impossible to carry out civil engineering renovation 

    so as not to affect the normal operation of the hospital. The hospital building 

    is built along the mountain, and the building structure has a large terrain drop.

    2. Systematic joint problems in the first and second phases belonging to the 

    new and old hospital areas.


    1. In the first phase, the vertical shafts are all made of steel structure, which is outside the building and does not affect the operation of the hospital. The independent buildings connected by corridors passagewhich made of steel structures to solve the problem of no connectivity between buildings.

    2. The first and second phases are connected at both ends of the "Surgical Building -  Emergency Clinic Outpatient Building " and "General Affairs Building - Inpatient and Emergency Building Inpatient Department". The horizontal connection layer of the whole system forms a ring to optimize the transportation path.


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