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  • “Belt and Road”Science and Technology Park International Workshop visited qy8千赢国际娱乐-qy888千赢国际-qy98千亿国际
    By: wm001    Date: 2019-08-22

    On the afternoon of August 13, 2019, “Belt and Road”Science and Technology Park International Workshop 26 members visited Manchebisi. The head of the International Sales Department had warmly received these guests from all over the world.


    As all we know, China adheres to the road of independent innovation with Chinese characteristics. At present, it is actively sharing the experience of innovation-driven development with countries along the “Belt and Road”, improve innovation capabilities together, and vigorously exerting scientific and technological innovation to promote the construction of the “Belt and Road”.

    Under the background of technical development, qy8千赢国际娱乐-qy888千赢国际-qy98千亿国际 has been listed as a advanced high-tech enterprise specializing in the field of intelligent logistics transportation in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, supported by the national science and technology innovation policy. As the most competitive medical intelligent logistics transportation solution provider in China. qy8千赢国际娱乐-qy888千赢国际-qy98千亿国际 always be regarded as  paramount consideration for international workshops visiting.


    Cindy Li, head of the International Sales Department of qy8千赢国际娱乐-qy888千赢国际-qy98千亿国际, who had shared technical results with the guests at the symposium.

    Afterwards, the guests visited the qy8千赢国际娱乐-qy888千赢国际-qy98千亿国际 Logistics Automation Exhibition Hall, experienced the operation of qy8千赢国际娱乐-qy888千赢国际-qy98千亿国际 logistics transportation systems, and patiently listened to the explanation by product manager. Thereinto,30KG capacity vehicles had attracted everyone’s attention.

    They all expressed that they hope qy8千赢国际娱乐-qy888千赢国际-qy98千亿国际 automated logistics transportation system can move toward coastal countries in the construction of "Belt and Road" and help local medical services for upgrading.


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