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  • qy8千赢国际娱乐-qy888千赢国际-qy98千亿国际 smart hospital tridimensional logistics transportation solution(Mode 1+X)
    By: wm001    Date: 2019-06-11

    Advocated the construction of three-dimensional logistics with the track vehicle system as the core and the partial scene is flexibly supplemented by other logistics systems. They will give full play to the highest efficiency of materials transportation in the hospital and improve the level of medical services!


    Core Logistics Transportation System:

    qy8千赢国际娱乐-qy888千赢国际-qy98千亿国际 Track Vehicle System

    It is mainly responsible for the transportation of medical materials that related to first-line medical services, such as hospital medical technology departments, PIVAS and pharmacy. These materials have certain weight frequency & timeliness requirements, including intravenous infusion, medicines, sterile instruments, medical consumables, etc.


    Characteristic: Flexible layout, low requirements for hospital building space


    ü Capacity 30kg(The only domestic mature application case of 30KG track vehicle system).

    ü Adaptive four wheel turning systemNo slow down while turning,Average running speed increased by 12%.

    ü Applying HPS 2.0 Hybrid power dual drive technology,Eliminate the occasional event of losing power,due to irregular vibrations during vehicles in motion.

    ü Innovative design that main route without copper track , 34% reduced by driving noise, and provide patients a quieter medical environment.

    ü IoT dispatch(Call vehicles in advance, automatically identify the destination, and one-key dispatch),53% increase in transportation efficiency during peak hours.

    Auxiliary Logistics Transportation System:

    Mainly responsible for the transportation of hospital materials between local departments

    1) Material transportation with large volume and certain load requirements (such as disinfection supply room to the operating room)

       2) Material transportation with large quantity but low frequency demand (such as warehouse to secondary library)

       3) Material transportation with small quantity but require extremely fast delivery (such as ward specimen to the inspection center)

       4) Automatic recycling of domestic garbage and dirty clothes

    qy8千赢国际娱乐-qy888千赢国际-qy98千亿国际 Automated Vertical Conveyor System(Can be upgraded to the core logistics system depend on demand)


    Characteristic:  Load capacity up to 50Kg, but its installation has certain space requirements for hospital buildings.


      ü   50KG Payload Capacity Innovative application of track vertical lifting structure for higher transportation efficiency.

      ü Big data dynamically collocates transportation, high flexibility.

           ü Ultra small size of vertical shaftNo-Foundation pit designMinimize station spaceThe layout of departments are more reasonable.

      ü Advanced energy consumption control strategy, ultra-low energy consumption.

      ü Intelligent and convenient operation experience.

    qy8千赢国际娱乐-qy888千赢国际-qy98千亿国际  Pneumatic Tube System


    Characteristic: Load capacity up to 5Kg, speed up to 8~10 m / s


      ü Automatic identification of target station, 2-way receive, auto-send continuously for 5 carriers.

      ü The combination of independent fresh air flow system and new type of airtight  Station, eliminate the risk of cross-infection.

      ü   Patent “Ferris Wheel” sending & receiving system avoid carrier jamming or lost in the tube.

      ü Adopting RFID technology to achieve intelligent positioning and tracking, automatically empty carrier return.

      ü When errors were detected, the system would change path and resent carrier automatically after the error operation is corrected.

    qy8千赢国际娱乐-qy888千赢国际-qy98千亿国际 Automated Waste Transport System



      ü It adopts 500mm diameter transportation pipeline, which is more suitable for domestic hospitals.

      ü Allow multi users to operate simultaneously.

      ü Can be opened with RFID card or password.

      ü Different air pressure sensors built into the system accurately detect and locate the jamming tube.

      ü Directly transport to designated garbage storage bins and special collection vehicles (boxes).

           ü The garbage compression storage machine has powerful crushing and compression capacity, and the garbage compression ratio can be up to 3.5 times, reducing the number of garbage removals.

      ü The special dirty clothes are served with smart labels, will not be missed by automatic calculation , the process can dock third party charging system.

      ü Garbage compression storage terminal can automatically dock garbage truck.

           ü The top of the pipeline is equipped with a smart exhaust system. When the system is in operation, the exhaust system will automatically start to ensure the circulation of air inside the pipeline and prevent the odor overflow.

      ü Can be equipped with automatic pipeline cleaning system.

    qy8千赢国际娱乐-qy888千赢国际-qy98千亿国际 Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV)



      ü Seamlessly dock elevators for easy cross-floor materials handling.

      ü Laser trackless navigation technology, intelligent path optimization.

      ü Multi-sensor fusion technology, obstacle recognition is faster and more accurate.

           ü Solve the problem “the last one meter of material transportation” in the hospital.

      ü No need for any building installation.

      ü Intelligent power management.

           ü Mobile call.

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