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  • qy8千赢国际娱乐-qy888千赢国际-qy98千亿国际 Intelligent Logistic Solution For Hospital

    Based on different material handling specifications and timeliness requirements in different departments of the hospital. Combining with the hospital building layout ,flexible combination of the different intelligent logistics transportation systems and form high-efficient work processes in the hospital and improve medical service quality.

    Automated Track Vehicle System

    Working Principle: Automated Track Vehicle System (ATVS) is a fully automated computerized transport system. Combined with vertical and horizontal tracks, it is a point-to-point transport system shipment of essential materials to clinical departments and wards uninterrupted. 

    Features : The payload is twice as high as others , more efficient 
    Capacity 30kg 
    Travel on the ceiling,save space 
    Advanced HPS2.0 Hybrid Power Double Drive (Power &Battery) , more energy efficient & reliable

    Pneumatic Tube System

    Working Principle : Uses the power of compressed air to transport items in carrier between any two stations through tubes and can be real-time monitoring by the computer. 

    Features : Transport efficiency is twice as high as the others 
    Speed : 8~10m/s 
    Multi carriers automatic send continuously ,two-way receive Independent fresh air flow system,contaminated air never enter hospital.

    Vertical Conveyor Transport System

    Working Principle: Vertical Conveyor Transport System (VCTS) is a fully automated computerized transport system.Use the large-capacity box as the carrier and combined with vertical and horizontal tracks for realizing to transport materials between departments and wards. 

    Feature : The payload is twice as high as others, more efficient 
    50KG payload capacity ,can accommodate the extra size instrument set. 
    Whole process horizontal transportation 
    Track vehicle lifting structure, can be installed in high -rise building of hospital, high efficiency and high stability

    Automated Waste Transport System

    SmaSort medical waste/clothing pneumatic tube transport system

    Fully in line with the national garbage classification policy requirements, truly realize the unified collection and transportation of garbage on hospital different floors, and transport in the hermetical pipeline to prevent secondary pollution and save manpower.

    WHO IS qy8千赢国际娱乐-qy888千赢国际-qy98千亿国际 ? WHY CHOOSE US ?

    As China’ most competitive suppliers of intelligent Logistics Solution. qy8千赢国际娱乐-qy888千赢国际-qy98千亿国际 committed to innovation, make use of the most advanced technology to create the logistics transportation system to meet the requirements of modern hospital management and application. 

    Super stability: 1000- hours continuous operation test before inspection 
    Price : Original manufacturer, competitive price 
    Service : 7×24 hours a day response 
    Cooperation : Grow together with partners to achieve a win-win cooperation.

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