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  • System Feature
    When errors were detected, the system would change path and resend carrier automatically after the error operation is corrected.
    Based on the unique system architecture, after the error operation is found and the receive station is corrected, the path auto-change and continues to send without recall or secondary forwarding.

    Adopting RFID technology to achieve intelligent tracking and identification , automatically empty carrier return.
    The applications of the RFID technology to achieve real-time positioning and management tracking of carriers in transportation.
    Patent “Ferris Wheel” sending & receiving system avoid carrier jamming or lost in the tube.
    “Ferris wheel” multi-position ring structure, built in compact bypass tube station, to achieve “direct” transportation between stations, no need to cache transfer, eliminate carriers stuck or lost in the tube.

    The combination of independent fresh air flow system and new type of airtight Pass-Through Station, contaminated air never enters hospital.
    High-performance filtering material , Strong folding to reduce wind resistance,allowing purified air to circulate quickly. Combine with the new closed pass-through station, completely eliminate cross-infection between stations.
    Transport efficiency is twice higher than others
    Automatic identification of target station, 2-way receive, single transportation supports 5 carriers auto-send continuously.






    Dispatch Mode

    After barcode scanning and recognition, the carrier would be sent to destination automatically.

    Manually enter the department code or select the department name, dispatch would be finished in multiple steps.


    Continuous Dispatch

    After one-time continuous scanning on barcodes, the station has ability to recognize destinations and queue carriers for dispatch automatically.

    Multi-task continuous dispatch takes a long wait because the next carrier would be dispatched until the current one is finished, it needs to operate one by one.

    Receiving Mode

    Two-way receiving could switch direction freely without going through bypass.

    One-way receiving mode, which needs to be transferred to the bypass to switch the receiving direction.

    Empty Carriers

    Return Operation

    Smart identification for empty carrier to return automatically.

    Empty carriers return need to enter address.

    Fresh Air Flow System

    Supporting independent fresh air system, it has high flexural strength and is resistant to folding with high performance filter materials, also allow the purified air flows rapidly. This system combined with new type of airtight Pass-Through Station to prevent contaminated air enters hospital.


    Air Diverter Noise

    Noiseless; Self circulation neutral mode has built-in to create a noise-free working environment.

    Loud noise; When the pipeline sucks, the fan outlet passes through the chamber of air diverter causing serious noise pollution.

    RFID Network Of Things Functionality

    Real-time positioning and traceability management along with the delivery routes.


    Error-Correcting Mechanism For Misoperation

    After updating new address, system would change the wrong path smartly, no need to recall or secondary forwarding.

    No; Once the misoperation  case happen, user need to notify the wrong receiving station to send the carrier back or the wrong sending station to make a secondary forwarding.

    Fan Power Consumption

    Low; Adopt variable frequency control to be more energy-efficient.

    High; No variable frequency control.


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