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    50KG Payload Capacity Innovative application of track vertical lifting structure for higher transportation efficiency
    Innovative application of track vertical lifting structure for high-floor installation, and more balanced power. Based on vertical transport principle of “One Box One Vehicle”,Transport efficiency is 38% higher than the general conveyors transport system.



    Big data dynamically collocates transportation, high flexibility
    According to the regular orders between departments, the quantity of the lifting vehicle can be flexibly allocated, meet the requirement that actual load capacity demand of departments in variation.
    Ultra small size of vertical shaft,No-Foundation pit design,Minimize station space,The layout of departments are more reasonable
    Ultra small size of vertical shaft:1200*1300mm,No-Foundation pit design,Less occupation of hospital space.



    Advanced energy consumption control strategy, ultra-low energy consumption
    The amount of task determines energy consumption, 70% Energy consumption reduction is less than general conveyor transport system, More accordant with the trend of energy saving and consumption reduction in green hospital construction.
    Intelligent and convenient operation experience
    Automatically identify target station, one conveyor box for multi-department, full-track monitoring


    MCBS intelligent conveyor transport system compared with the general conveyor transport system , the difference can be equated with the transport by multiple elevators or transport by only one elevator.

    Assumption: 4 boxes of materials are transported to 4 different floors and stations. qy8千赢国际娱乐-qy888千赢国际-qy98千亿国际 vertical conveyor transport system seems like 4 simultaneous transportation elevators (lifting vehicles) and transported independently , while the general conveyors transport system can be only used with one elevator (tray). Even if you send 4 boxes of materials at the same time, you need to wait them one by one (station),and the efficiency is obviously .



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